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Lights out on coal fired power of Scotland as Longannet closes after 47 years PROUD staff say a fond farewell to the station where everyone from the top down felt part of the familyPower station to close in MarchScotland's last coal fired power station, Longannet in Fife, is to close on 31 March next year, it is announcedDrax mulls shutting its coal fired stations amid competition from cheap gas and renewablesDrax’s power station in North Yorkshire is the largest coal fired plant in the UK and the second largest coal plant in Europe, but ceo Dorothy Thompson said it may be mothballedJob hopes after power station saleThe sale of the UK's oldest coal fired power station in Newport could see staff rehired after losing their jobs when it closed down in May this yearBiomass switch to rescue power stationTalks are under way to rescue one of Britain’s biggest power stations by converting it from a coal fired to a.Power station to close in MarchScotland's last coal fired power station, Longannet in Fife, is to close on 31 March next year, it is announcedState support for biomass switch gets green lightThe European Commission has approved British plans to provide subsidies for the conversion of a coal fired power station to burn.EPA to issue new regulations for the disposal of coal ashFriday’s announcement will provide the first controls for the handling and storage of the toxic waste left behind at coal burning power plantsSix years after a catastrophic coal ash spill took out part of a Tennessee town, 10 months after a.Ferrybridge C Experts call for more clean energy as landmark UK coal fired power station closesThe station near Knottingley in Yorkshire employed around 400 workersLongannet power station closes ending coal power use in ScotlandThe biggest plant of its kind in Britain has been generating electricity for 46 years, with closure marking ‘end of an era’ for coal power in ScotlandScotland will on Thursday witness an end to the coal age which fired its industrial.

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Natural gas has surpassed coal as the No 1 energy generating source in Saskatchewan with the completion of a multimillion dollar expansion at Saskatoon's Queen Elizabeth Power Station

Incredible pictures of Fiddler's Ferry power station the Widnes landmark with a question mark over its futureGovernment bosses announce plans to phase out coal fired power stationHow long can the UK's coal industry survive? | Karl MathiesenScotland’s last coal power station is set to close and by the end of the year just six UK stations will remain But in a challenging market, can these keep firing until the government’s 2025 deadline for the end of UK coal?At 3pm on Thursday,.Swedish energy company Vattenfall plans sale of German coal operationsSale of coal mines and power plants would enable the state owned energy company to meet its emissions targets without reducing pollutionSwedish state energy company Vattenfall plans to sell off its German lignite operations because it says they.Protesters criticise Drax over use of subsidies for coal and wood powerActivists in London and Yorkshire call on government to ‘axe Drax’, which they claim receives £1m a day in renewable energy subsidiesDrax faced protests during its annual general meeting in London over its use of public subsidies to support.Market Report Drax shareholders boosted by power station planWeary shareholders of energy firm Drax were boosted when planned subsidies to turn another coal fired power station into one powered by biomass fuel were approved by the European CommissionArrests over coal train protestThree Greenpeace activists are arrested after a train taking coal to a power station is occupied for 10 hoursPower supply ‘is critical as coal plants shut down’The operator of Britain’s biggest power station has warned that meeting the nation’s electricity needs will be a close run thing.Power station to downgrade operationsWales' biggest coal fired power station operator says "challenging" market conditions mean it will now only generate power when needed, such as in winterBritain heading for power cuts next winter, say 60 local authoritiesAll party alliance says National Grid needs to act now to fill supply gap, and wants ministers to look at level of carbon taxesA group representing 60 local authorities has warned that recent closures of large power stations have left Britain.MARKET REPORT Shares in power station operator Drax electrified after news that EU has approved plans for a new UK coal plantThe plant at Lynemouth, Northern England is owned by Drax which is transforming itself into a predominantly biomass fuelled generator through burning sustainable biomass in place of coal